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If I leave the squirrels alone will they just go away?


Not before they do significant damage. Once a squirrel lives in your attic it will usually stay. Squirrels leave their feces and urine in the insulation and soffit areas. If the squirrel ever leaves other squirrels are attracted to that smell and will make your attic their new home.

A squirrel had babies in my attic. Will the baby squirrels leave when they get big enough?


The squirrels might eventually, but not for months after birth. Waiting this long would be subjecting the attic to significant and expensive damage. Once these squirrels leave others may take over and add to the existing attic damage.

Why is squirrel removal important if they are in my attic?


Squirrels will do significant damage in your attic and can be very expensive if they are not removed. They will destroy your air conditioning duct work, rip apart electrical wiring, and ruin the dry wall. Squirrels leave their feces and urine all over the insulation and in bad infestations will produce a strong and sometimes unbearable smell. Squirrel removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic.

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I have squirrels living in my attic. There is a very strong smell coming from my wall. What is it?


When animals like squirrels live in your attic they will sometimes die. The squirrel probably died in the wall and needs to be removed to get rid of the smell.

A squirrel died in my attic. If I leave it there will the smell go away?

Depending on the season, it could take a very long time for the smell of any dead animal to go away. In the summer, a dead animal can smell very strong for a few weeks and then start to get better. In the winter, the smell might not be as bad but could last for months. In either case, it is important to get the dead animal removed professionally. The smell can be dangerous for someone with respiratory problems and any ectoparasites that were living on the animal need to be exterminated. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will remove the dead animal, exterminate the ectoparasites and deodorize to reduce the smell.


Is squirrel removal necessary?

Squirrels can look very cute but are also very destructive. Like rats and mice, squirrels are rodents and have to continuously gnaw on something to file their teeth down. They will destroy your air conditioning duct work, rip apart electrical wiring, and ruin the dry wall. Squirrel removal is necessary and should be left up to the professionals at Reliable Animal Removal Inc.

Is trapping the squirrel the only way to do squirrel removal?

Trapping squirrels is the most effective way to remove squirrels. There are other methods that are used for squirrel removal, but they are not as effective and sometimes inhumane. Some companies will use poison and not only is it illegal, but the animal will probably die in a wall and produce a terrible smell. Then a dead animal removal will be necessary. Other techniques such as sounds and smells rarely work. If they happen to work then that animal is still around and has a chance to come back. The squirrel needs to be trapped and relocated far enough away that it will not come back.

Are squirrels dangerous?

If left alone squirrels are not very dangerous. If a squirrel is handled without the proper equipment then that squirrel will bite. If bitten by a squirrel then medical attention is necessary.

I found a baby squirrel in my attic. What should I do?

First call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. to perform an inspection of the attic to determine if there are any other squirrels in the attic. If there are other squirrels in the attic then we well trap for the other squirrels. We will take the baby squirrel to an animal rehabilitation center where it will be raised.

Once the squirrel is removed how do you keep more from coming back?

Once all of the squirrel trappings are completed then Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will do a full exclusion on your home. Any holes or gaps the squirrels were getting in your home or could possibly get into your home will be closed off. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. uses the best materials and any full home exclusion for squirrels comes with a one-year guarantee.

Can squirrels have rabies?

It is possible for squirrels to have rabies, but very unlikely. Anything large enough to bite a squirrel that would carry the rabies virus would probably kill that squirrel. A squirrel bite still needs medical attention for the risk of infection.

How many babies will a mother squirrel have?

Squirrels will have litters ranging from 2 to 8.

I hear noises in my attic. Could it be a squirrel?

Yes. Squirrels are commonly found in attics. An attic is an ideal shelter for a squirrel. The noises in the attic could also be from rats, mice, opossums, raccoons, flying squirrels, large lizards, birds, or bats.

I saw a squirrel go underneath my house. Should I have the squirrel removed?

Yes. Squirrels can climb up walls into the attic creating significant damage. If a squirrel enters your house you should always have the squirrel trapped and removed.

What kind of bait can I use to attract squirrels?

Squirrels are attracted to bird feeders. If the squirrels know that there is a consistent food source such as a bird feeder, then they will take residence nearby. The squirrel will commonly enter a home through different entry points and need to be trapped and removed before too much damage is done. It is never recommended to feed squirrels because of the damage they can do to a home.

I live in a mobile home. Something made a big hole in my air conditioning duct work. Was it a squirrel?

It is very possible. Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rats, and mice are notorious for digging holes in a/c ductwork. Let a professional at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. perform an inspection and determine what animal did the damage.

How long will it take to trap a squirrel?

Each squirrel trapping session is different. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. usually traps squirrels for two weeks but may have the problem solved on the first night. There are multiple factors that take place in squirrel removal to determine how long it will take to trap the squirrels.

If I trap the squirrel myself will you take it away for me?

Yes. Call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for different options for removing the squirrel.



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