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If I get bitten by a lizard what should I do?

Wash the lizard bite with antibacterial soap. Seek medical attention because lizards contain bacteria in their mouth that can cause a serious infection. There are other diseases associated with lizards such as salmonella poisoning.

How many types of lizards are there in Florida?

Because of the pet trade there can be any number of different species of lizards found in Florida. There are about 16 different species of lizards and skinks commonly found in Florida.

I have lizards running across my feet when I walk to my house. How do I get the lizards under control?


Lizard control in Florida involves multiple steps. The small lizards that run all over sidewalks, driveways, porches, ornamental plants and other parts of the home are most likely a non-native species called Anoles. Anoles need to be trapped and their food source needs to be reduced to control their population. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. can provide effective lizard control.

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I saw a big lizard swimming in my pond. Was it a monitor lizard?


There are many exotic species of lizards that can be found in ponds, streams, springs, rivers, lakes, marshes, swamps, reservoirs, canals, retention pools and roadside ditches. These exotic lizards like monitors and iguanas were probably someone’s pet and released into the wild because they got too big. These exotic lizards are breeding and in some parts of Florida are running wild. These large lizards need to be carefully trapped and removed. Most wild iguanas are very aggressive and will bite. Monitors eat baby birds and can eliminate a native bird species in the area they inhabit. Call a wildlife biologist at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. to help identify if the lizard is dangerous and if it needs to be removed.

I have a lizard in my house. How did it get into my home?


A lizard can get into a house through many different entry points. Water spouts and window screens that are not properly sealed, open garage doors and garage doors that are not properly sealed are just a few of the common entry points for a lizard. Call a professional at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. to give a full inspection and find out where the lizards are getting into your home.


Will the lizard bite?


Depending on what species of lizard, most will bite and scratch to defend themselves if they feel threatened. Never handle a wild lizard without proper protection.

I found an iguana in my back yard. How do I get rid of iguanas?


There is a growing population of feral iguanas in Tampa Bay. If wild iguanas are found on your property then they need to be caught and removed by a professional at Reliable Animal Removal Inc.. They are very fast and can scratch and bite.

My dog and cat eats the lizards. Is it dangerous if they eat the lizards?


It is very common for cats and dogs to chase and eat lizards. Depending on the species, lizards can carry different diseases such as salmonella. If there is a question as to whether your pet needs treatment call your local veterinarian.

I have a big lizard living under my house. Can you trap the lizard?


Yes. Monitor lizards, iguanas and other exotic reptiles commonly start off as pets and get released after they grow too large. These animals are breeding and establishing populations all over Florida. If the lizard is living under a home then it needs to be caught or trapped by an experienced animal trapper at Reliable Animal Removal Inc..

If I leave lizards alone will they just go away?


Not usually. Most species of lizards find a food source near by and live in that area for most of their lives. Call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for different options in lizard control.

A lizard had babies under my house. Will the baby lizards leave when they get big enough?


This depends on the species of lizard. Most lizards abandon their eggs once they are laid. Once the lizard eggs hatch they will seek out a source of food. If there is a sufficient food source for the lizards, then they could stay. Call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for information on lizard control.

Why is lizard removal important if they are under my home?


If a lizard lives under a home or building then it needs to be trapped and removed. A large lizard can wipe out local bird populations in very little time. Lizards can scratch and bite if stepped on or if they feel threatened.

Is lizard removal necessary?


Most native lizards are more of a nuisance than a threat. Exotic species can be dangerous and cause a harmful impact on the native wildlife. When lizard removal is necessary it should be left up to the professionals at Reliable Animal Removal Inc..

How do I get rid of lizards?


Lizard control is a combination of different techniques. Trapping the lizards and reducing the food source are some of the steps in getting rid of lizards. Call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for different options with lizard control.

Is trapping the lizards the only way to do lizard removal?


A trained professional can safely remove a lizard with proper tools and safety equipment. When the lizard is not visible then trapping lizards is the most effective way to remove lizards.

Are lizards dangerous?


Most native lizards are more of a nuisance than a threat. Exotic species can be dangerous and cause a harmful impact on the native wildlife. Do not handle wild lizards. Leave catching lizards up to the trained professionals at Reliable Animal Removal Inc..

Once the lizard is removed how do you keep more from coming back?


Reliable Animal Removal Inc. is very experienced in lizard control. There are ways of controlling the population of lizards on your property.

If I catch an iguana do they make good pets?


Not usually. Iguanas are commonly bought in pet stores and require a lot of work, proper diet and temperature to keep alive. Iguanas can live over 20 years and can get up to 6 ft long. When they are caught in the wild they are usually aggressive and can bite and scratch and do not make good pets.

Something made a big hole in my air conditioning duct work. Was it a lizard?


No. Lizards will take residence in existing holes caused by construction errors or other animals. Lizards are also cold blooded and would not be attracted to the cool conditions of the air conditioning. Raccoons, opossum, rats and squirrels are notorious for digging holes in a/c duct work. Let a professional at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. perform an inspection and determine what animal did the damage.

How long will it take to trap a lizard?


Each lizard trapping session is different. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. usually traps lizards for two weeks but may have the problem solved in the first night. There are multiple factors that take place in lizard removal to determine how long it will take to trap the lizard.

If I catch the lizard myself will you take it away for me?


Yes. It is not recommended to trap a lizard if you are not trained. Lizard trapping can be very dangerous. If you have a lizard trapped then call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for different options in removing the lizard.



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