Animal Proofing and Damage Repair

Getting animals out is only the beginning. Keeping them out is our expertise.

Professional Animal Proofing to Seal Animals Out

When the sun goes down the critters come out. Animals have the advantage of time to quietly chew and gnaw away at your home while everyone is sleeping. It only takes a small hole to become a big problem.

Damages may occur to your house by wild animals or by pests. These unwanted vermin can eat away at your roof line and siding, nest in your walls, vents and attics, and burrow under your foundation, all causing serious damage. What is worse is the fact that if you leave these animals or pests alone, they will multiply quickly.

Our Wildlife Technicians have knowledge that comes from years of experience identifying not just entry points but potential entry points that animals use to get into your house.

  • Replace Ripped Soffits With New Soffit Covers
  • Install Animal Proof Mesh Over Attic Vents
  • Seal Gaps to Keep Rats and Animals Out
  • Replace or Repair Crawlspace Door
  • Remove Attic Insulation Contaminated by Animals
  • Install Chimney Caps and Animal Barriers
  • Repair Damage Cause by Animals

Animals are more than happy to share your home with you. We will install animal deterrents that will make them never want to come back.

Animal Proofing for Businesses and Rental Properties

We work all throughout Miami-Dade protecting commercial properties as well as rental properties each year. We protect food trucks, restaurants, warehouses, Airbnb’s, condos and apartments by removing animals and sealing them out.

Protect your workers and tenants from wildlife intrusions. We will get pests out and keep them out.

Animal Proofing and Prevention for Rentals 

Highly skilled and cost-effective animal control and proofing services for your residence.

Animal Proofing and Prevention for Businesses

Safeguard your employees and customers with professional animal proofing.

How Wildlife Damages Homes

Most animals are nocturnal because it is safer to move around under the cover of darkness. They will take advantage of pre-existing damage to enter a home but in many cases they will simply create a new entrance. Once inside the damage from animals can happen very quickly. Damage from Animals can include:

  • Chewed-up air conditioning ductwork
  • Visible bite marks on electrical wires and cables
  • Contaminated insulation soiled with feces and urine
Past Customer Debra L.
Shannon M.

Miami Shores, FL

A Fantastic Job

“A Raccoon ripped mesh down and decided to have babies in my attic. Ugh. Reliable Animal Removal was great . They came quickly, removed the animal and installed new aluminum soffit covers. They did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone.”

How Do We Help Keep Animals Out?

The first things our Wildlife Technicians do is establish the level of damage to your home. We inspect the homes exterior, roof, crawlspace and attic for signs of animal activity and damage. Rodents are small and it only takes a dime sized hole to gain entry so knowing where to look makes all the difference.

Animals also have wide ranging strength so knowing the type of hardware needed to animal proof a home is something the typical handy-man or contractor usually don’t know or even think about when performing repairs. 

We do and only need the first time to do the job right. Let us help you get a good nights rest.

New crawl space door made out of wood boards and metal mesh.

Wildlife Proofing For Homes Done Right

We protect businesses and homes across Miami by sealing animals out, repairing the damage they caused, and preventing them from coming back.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Humane Animal Trapping

Animals do need a home, it just isn’t yours. Our Technicians go through rigorous training to remove Wildlife safely and humanely.


Animal Proofing

Wildlife Damage Repair & Prevention

Animals will chew and gnaw their way right through your wallet. We provide affordable  damage repair services for your home.


Animal Proofing

Inspection and Animal Proofing

Identifying entry points and sealing out pests is our specialty. Our trained and licensed professionals take animal proofing seriously.


Animal Damage Repair

Animal Proofing To Seal Pests Out

Our experts will install animal-proof materials to seal pests out for good and deterrents to keep pests away.


Keep Your Home Free of Animals

Wildlife problems that go unresolved can spiral out of control quickly. Let’s keep animals out so we don’t have to get them out.