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If I leave the ducks alone will they just go away?

This depends on the situation. If the ducks have been receiving food from a resident and they stop feeding them, then the ducks should eventually leave. Ducks in condo complexes and ducks in apartment complexes are usually being fed by the residents. This is difficult for property management to monitor. If the ducks are living in an attic then it will take time for them to leave. They will leave their feces and urine all over the insulation creating expensive damage.

A duck laid eggs in my attic. Will the baby ducks leave when they get big enough?

The Muscovy Duck’s eggs will hatch after about 30 to 35 days. The chicks will stay with their mother for about 10 to 12 weeks. In this time, the ducks have left behind a lot of feces and urine. If those ducks leave then the scent left behind will tell another duck that this attic is a good place to nest. It is best to have the ducks removed as soon as possible.

Why is duck removal important if they are in my attic?

Ducks will leave behind a large amount of feces and urine, which will ruin the insulation and drywall. Once a duck gets into an attic it will leave behind a terrible smell that can consume a house.

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I have ducks living in my attic. There is a very strong smell coming from my wall. What is it?

When animals like ducks live in an attic they will sometimes die. The duck probably died in the wall and needs to be removed to get rid of the smell.

A duck died in my attic. If I leave it there will the smell go away?

Depending on the season, it could take a very long time for the smell of any dead animal to go away. In the summer, a dead animal can smell very strong for a few weeks and then start to get better. In the winter the smell might not be as bad, but could last for months. In either case, it is important to get the dead animal removed professionally. The smell can be dangerous for someone with respiratory problems and any ecto-parasites that were living on the animal need to be exterminated. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will remove the dead animal, exterminate the ecto- parasites and deodorize to reduce the smell.


Is duck removal necessary?

Ducks can do expensive and annoying damage to areas like pool decks, porches, sidewalks and parking lots. If a Muscovy Duck invades an attic then the insulation and drywall can be ruined. When duck removal is necessary the ducks need to be trapped and removed by the wildlife removal specialists at Reliable Animal Removal Inc.

Is trapping the ducks the only way to do duck removal?

Trapping ducks is one of the most effective ways to remove ducks. Large traps can be used to catch multiple ducks and throw nets can be used to catch ducks one or two at a time. Some companies will use poison and not only is it illegal, but if the duck is in an attic it will probably die in a wall and produce a terrible smell. Then a dead animal removal will be necessary.

Are ducks dangerous?

The only danger from a duck is from the feces left behind. Feces and urine in an attic can cause respiratory problems. If someone receives a bite from a duck it will not be life threatening.

I found a baby duck in my attic. What should I do?

First call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. to perform an inspection of the attic to make sure the mother duck is not still up there. If there are any other ducks left in the attic then we well trap for those ducks. We will take the baby ducks to an animal rehabilitation center where they will be raised.

Once the ducks are removed how do you keep more from coming back?

Once all of the duck trapping is completed then Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will do a full exclusion on your home. Any areas the ducks were getting in your home or could possibly get into your home will be closed off. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. uses the best materials and any full home exclusion for ducks comes with a one-year guarantee. Duck control is also available for both residential and commercial properties.

Ducks keep leaving their feces around the pool. How do I get rid of ducks?

Ducks will often defecate in the pool, around the pool deck, on sidewalks and docks. This can be an overwhelming battle cleaning these areas every day. Duck control is a very a effective way to get rid of ducks.

How many babies will a mother duck have?

Muskovy ducks will lay anywhere from 8 to 16 eggs at one time. Mallards will lay a batch of eggs ranging from 8 to 13 eggs at one time.

I hear noises in my attic. Could it be a duck?

Yes. Muscovy Ducks are commonly found in attics. An attic is an ideal nesting area for a Muscovy Duck. The noises in the attic could also be from rats, mice, opossums, raccoons, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, large lizards, birds, or bats.

I saw a duck go underneath my house. Should I have the duck removed?

This depends on what kind of damage the duck is causing to the property. A duck will not usually do much damage underneath a house except leaving feces and urine behind. If the ducks are living in the attic then they become a health hazard and should be removed.

What kind of bait can I use to attract ducks?

Feeding the ducks is never recommended. The ducks will become a nuisance to neighbors and damage property with their feces. Bread is commonly used to feed ducks but has been found that it is not healthy for them.

Something made a big hole in my air conditioning duct work. Was it a duck?

It is possible but not likely. Muscovy ducks are known to invade attics, but they do not usually create new holes like other nuisance animals. Raccoons, opossum, rats and squirrels are notorious for digging holes in a/c duct work. Let a professional at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. perform an inspection and determine what animal did the damage.

How long will it take to catch ducks?

Each duck trapping session is different. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. usually traps ducks for two weeks, but we may have the problem solved in the first night. There are multiple factors that take place in duck removal to determine how long it will take to catch the ducks.

If I trap the duck myself will you take it away for me?

Yes. Call Reliable Animal Removal Inc. for different options in removing the duck.


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