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Importance of the Dead Animal Removals in Pembroke Pines

The importance of these removals is to make your Pembroke Pines home a cleaner place to live in. With the removal of dead animals, you are preventing:

  • Unusable periods of the home
  • The breed of mold and bacteria
  • Illnesses in humans and in pets
  • Ecto-parasites seeking a new host

Dangers of Ecto-Parasites

The ecto-parasites that once lived on the dead animal can no longer use that host and will seek out a new one. These ecto-parasites can transmit diseases and become a pest that needs to be exterminated. Some examples of ecto-parasites are:

  • Fleas, which can transmit typhus
  • Ticks, which can transmit lyme disease
  • Mites, which can cause scabies
  • Lice, which can cause hair loss

Process of Removal

Reliable Animal Removal Inc. locates and removes the dead animal. We then spray for ecto-parasites, disinfect for mold and bacteria, and then deodorize to reduce the foul smell. To make sure no other animals are already inside, a trapping session will take place. Here, in Pembroke Pines, we will find the entry points the animal used to get into your home. After it’s found, we will perform a full home exclusion to close off those areas. If the dead animals was a rat or a mouse then rodent control may be necessary.

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Fill the form below and we will contact you shortly or please call 786-712-5527

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