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If I leave the bees alone will they just go away?

Not before they do significant damage. Once bees live in a wall or in an attic they will usually stay. The bees will make a honeycomb in the wall and up in the attic. Honeycombs will not go away on their own. Once the bees are removed, the honeycomb needs to be removed as well.

There is a honeybee hive in my attic. How quickly will the honey bee hive make a honeycomb?

A honeybee hive will make a honeycomb fairly quickly. The rate at which the honeycomb is made depends on the size of the bee hive and if they are European honey bees or Africanized honey bees. Africanized honey bees were genetically created for their fast production of honey.

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Why is bee removal important if they are in my attic?

The honey from bees will do significant damage in your attic and can be very expensive if it is not removed. The longer the bees have to live in the attic the more time they have to create a honeycomb. Honeycombs attract roaches and rats and will ruin drywall. Honey bee removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic and prevent pests from invading the home.

Why is honeycomb removal important if it is in the wall?

A honeycomb in the wall will attract roaches and rats. The honey in the honeycomb will stay in the wall for years creating a major pest problem. The honey will seep through the drywall creating costly home repairs.

I have honeybees living in my wall. There is a very strong smell coming from my wall. What is it?

When honeybees make a honeycomb in the wall the honey will start to decay and produce a foul smell. The honeycomb needs to be removed to get rid of the smell.

Once I get rid of the bees, will the smell go away?

If the bees are exterminated or removed live, the honeycomb will still be left behind. The honeycomb needs to be removed to get rid of the smell.

Is honey bee removal necessary?

Honeybees are an essential part of the ecosystem. However, when a honey bee hive is created in a wall or in an attic the honey bees become a danger to anyone living in that home. Allergic reactions are common and could result in a hospital visit. There is no physical characteristic to tell apart the European honey bee from the dangerous Africanized killer bee. An attack from an Africanized honey bee colony could result in the death of a pet or human. The honey needs to be removed from the wall as well to prevent pests and damage to the home.

Is killing the bees the only way to do honeybee removal?

There are many techniques that can be used to remove honeybees. Live removal of honeybees is usually possible depending on where the honeybee hive is located. If the bee hive is thought to be Africanized then bee extermination is best to stop the spread of Africanized honeybees.

Are honey bees dangerous?

Allergic reactions are common and could result in a visit to the hospital. There is no physical characteristic to tell apart the European honey bee from the dangerous Africanized honey bee. An attack from an Africanized honey bee colony could result in the death of a pet or human. Bees can be very dangerous and bee removal should be left up to the professionals at Reliable Animal Removal Inc.

I hear buzzing coming from the wall. Could it be from honey bees?

Yes. Buzzing in the wall is a characteristic of a honey bee hive making a honeycomb in the wall. Call the honey bee experts at Reliable Animal Removal Inc. to perform an inspection and get rid of the bees.

Once the honey bees are removed how do you keep more from coming back?

Once the honey bees are removed then it is important that the honeycomb is also removed. The honeycomb will not only attract roaches and rats, but other bees will take over the hive and the problem will start over. The area where the honey bees were getting in also needs to be closed off. Stinging insect control is also an option to prevent honey bees from coming back. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will remove the honeycomb and do a full exclusion on your home.

I had the bees exterminated last year and now they are back. Why?

If the honeycomb was not removed then another colony of honey bees will be attracted to that same location. If the honeycomb was removed, there may be an older honeycomb somewhere in the house. If this honeycomb cannot be located then stinging insect control may be necessary.

How many eggs will a queen bee lay?

A queen honey bee will lay as much as 2000 eggs per day.

I hear noises in my attic. Could it be honeybees?

This depends on what kind of noises are in the attic. If the noise is a buzzing sound then it could be from honeybees. If there are thumping or scratching noises in the attic then it could be from rats, mice, opossum, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, large lizards, birds, or bats.

I saw honey bees go underneath my house. Should I have the honey bees removed?

Yes. It is very important to have honey bees removed if they are entering a home. The honey from a honeycomb can attract pests like roaches and rats. Rats will do significant damage to a home and roaches can spread diseases.

The honey bees are flying in and out of a wall on my house. Is there a honeycomb in the wall?

If the honey bees have been flying in and out of the wall for more than a couple of days, then there is probably a honeycomb in that wall.

I live in a mobile home and the honeybees made a honeycomb in the insulation. Why should I have the honeycomb removed?

It is very common for a honeybee hive to make a honeycomb in the insulation underneath a mobile home. The honeybee hive can pose a threat to neighbors that walk nearby and pets that roam through the yard. If the honeycomb is left underneath the mobile home then roaches and rats will infest that home.

How long will it take to remove honeybees?

This depends on which type of honeybee removal is applied. If the bees are exterminated then the problem could be solved in 1 to 3 days. If live removal for honeybees is chosen it could take up to 30 days to properly extract the hive. If the honeycomb is accessible then the beehive can be removed that day. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. is experienced in the many different options of honeybee removal and can accommodate to any need.

Why are Africanized honeybees called killer bees?

Africanized killer bees get their name from the aggressiveness the hive shows when threatened. A colony of Africanized killer bees can kill a family pet or even a human. The attacks can be triggered from mowing the lawn, the noise of an outside A/C unit or even just walking by the nest. The sting of an Africanized killer bee is not any different from a European honey bee sting, but the Africanized killer bees attack in large numbers. If the honeybees are Africanized then killer bee removal is necessary.

Are honeybees important?

Yes. The entire farming industry depends on honeybees pollinating their crops. There is a bee shortage and Reliable Animal Removal Inc. is sensitive to this fact. If the beehive is determined to not be an Africanized killer bee colony, then Reliable Animal Removal Inc. will try and save that hive.

Reliable Animal Removal Inc. offers same day bee removal and wasp control service for all Miami, North Miami, Aventura and surrounding area residents. Whether you are experiencing a bee problem for the first time or dealing with a recurring problem, Reliable Animal Removal Inc. are here to help! Our technicians have performed bee removal for local residents, businesses, property managers and municipalities for several years. Local year round temperatures are well suited to bees and contribute to the growing wild bee population in Miami. Reliable Animal Removal Inc. performs hundreds of bee removals and swarms relocations within Miami and surrounding areas each year. After completing your bee removal, we can box the bees for use in crop pollination. Reliable Animal Removal Inc remove bees from trees, landscaping, roofs, walls, attics, fireplaces, sheds, cars, boats, personal residences and commercial buildings.



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