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Bee Removal Service Miramar, FL

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What if I just leave the bees alone?

Miramar residents report hundreds of bee swarms and hives around the area but, while bees can benefit the environment in many ways, it is inconvenient and possibly dangerous to let a bee hive thrive near your home.

If you leave the bees alone, they will not simply go away. Once they live in a wall or in an attic, they will usually stay there. The closer they are to your home, the more dangerous they are to you and your family. The bees will make a honeycomb in the wall or up in the attic if they can access it and will only leave if they are removed by professional bee removers like us.

Do you have a honey bee hive in your attic?

A honey bee hive will make a honeycomb fairly quickly and you might not even notice it until it is already completed. Especially if you don’t go to the attic that often.

One of the biggest issues, besides the simple fact that you have bees in your attic, is that honeycombs attract roaches and rats. They will ruin your drywall and this will generate more expenses on your end as well as attract more pests to your Fort Lauderdale home.

“I have a honeycomb in one of my walls at home!”

When bees make their honeycombs in walls, they normally go to the highest point of that wall and it might get difficult for you to even notice it before it’s already too big to avoid it. One of the biggest issues with honeycombs in walls is that the honey that the bees produce will stick to the wall for years and attract roaches and rats, unless it’s properly cleaned. The honey will also start to decay and produce a foul smell with time, so the honeycomb needs to be removed and the wall needs to be cleaned in order to get rid of that smell.

If the honeycomb is not removed, you’re not only allowing pests like roaches and rats to come to your home, but you’re also running the risk of having another bee colony to take over the honeycomb. When you call us for our bee removal services for your Fort Lauderdale property, we don’t only remove the bees. we also get rid of the honeycomb.

Time is crucial

Consider the fact that a queen honey bee will lay as much as 2000 eggs per day, so the longer you take to call us to request our bee removal services, the bigger the bee colony will be and the more danger you and your family is going through.

Africanized killer bees get their name from the aggressiveness the hive shows when threatened. A colony of Africanized killer bees can kill a family pet or even a human. The attacks can be triggered from mowing the lawn, the noise of an outside A/C unit or even just walking by the nest. The sting of an Africanized killer bee is not any different from a European honey bee sting, but the Africanized killer bees attack in large numbers. If the honey bees are Africanized then killer bee removal is necessary.

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