About Us

South Florida's Premier Wildlife Removal Company that has been serving the City of Miami for over 10 years.

We are a family owned and operated company, certified, licensed and insured for residential and commercial properties, who can provide animal removal services from premises and structures.

Reliable Animal Removal Inc. provides services to homes and businesses at all hours of the day and night. We can help with any animal needs such as, but not limited to animal trapping, bee extermination and rodent removal, duck removal quickly and efficiently in a humane way. We provide quality animal control with affordable rates and no hidden fees.

  • Animal-proofing to seal rats out


  • Animal trapping and removal


  • Animal proofing service to keep animals from entering attics


  • Emergency animal removal


  • Inspections to determine how rats are entering in home
  • Humane animal trapping and removal


  • Rat proofing service to seal rats out


  • Treatment of mouse and rat problems and rodent control programs


  • Raccoon trapping


  • Bird Control
  • Inspection to determine how animals are getting in


  • Opossum trapping


  • Damage repair and animal proofing


  • Baby raccoon removal


  • Beehive removal